The current Volunteers serving on the Board of Directors are:

Chairman                                          Mike McLean - Email:

Vice Chair                                            Dean Chapman - Email:

Secretary / Treasurer           ¬†          ¬†Dave Marzetti - Email:

Volunteer Co-ordinator               Shelley Cole - Email:

Grooming Co-ordinator              Trevor Terry - Email:

Grooming Assistant                    Gary Branton - Email:

Equipment Manager                    Mike Gagnon - Email:

Trails Manager                              Phil Ribble - Email:

Trails Assistant                             Bill Courtney - Email:

Membership / Permits                     Shelley Cole - Email:

Publicity/ Communications          Jason Noble - Email:

Trail Patrol Instructor                     Dave Marzetti - Email:

Driver Training                                  Adrian Marzetti - Email:

Landowner Liason                          Brian Mussleman

To contact the club                         Voice Mail : (289) 803-0253 Email :


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